Changing the appearance of your text easily

•February 16, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Today i like to explain how you can change appearance of your niteflirt text. This is the code (grabbed from the html help):

<font size=”2” face=”Courier” color=”red“>text text text</font>

You can change the 2 into a number 1-7 (1smallest-7 biggest). Changing the font face (here courier) will change the fonts look. Nice types are for example “tahoma” “arial” “arial black” or “broadway”,  don´t try something too cursive unless you choose a really big font size. Why? Don´t you know the feeling yourself trying to read a text and you give up because it hurts your eyes? Exactly…

Where we are right at the next point the font colour. You will find all avalible colours by clicking here. Just change the red in the caps into blue, black, white …

So if you are lazy like me you can copy the above code into your niteflirt listing change the caps into what you like your text to appear and change the “text text text” into your text, thats all..!

You can for sure also make your text bold or underlined.. etcetera. But this is it for now i hope you have a lot of fun playing around with your text!



Cartoon Style

•January 28, 2009 • 1 Comment

Cartoon Style

I recently found a new addiction 😉 called Cartoon Style. Here is some example:


Please dont look too straight lol since its just a quick made. Im not 100% happy with the hair 🙂 but this is my first one so please excuse…This cartoons can be very useful and sexy for blog headers, your niteflirt template or website. You can order your own picture by sending me an email. (

xoxo Sara

New pre- made Templates

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Hello 🙂

A new pre made template for the glamourus ladies is up. If you like to change the header pic to yours its free included. Remember hosting your template is only 5$ extra per year but you can also host it on your own.

After purcheasing you get all the files your template contains and it will never be re-sold. This is a really good deal and you will always stay UNIQUE!

Check out the template here -not yours? Check all the other templates in the pre made templatesection!

xoxox Sara

Happy new Year

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Happy new Year to fellow flirts and camgirls!

I hope 2009 will be a happy and very profitable year!

Therefore make sure you pimp your Niteflirt listing – or better Niteflirt template. There are a view ways you can do this- a simple way is to add some sexy background- i found some sweet backgrounds id like to share with you! Simply grab the code under the pic you like to have and  add it to your listing!

Happy new Year!



<body background=””&gt;


<body background=””&gt;

Niteflirt templates and freebies

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So finally i got it worked and the site is up please look around!

I uploaded all the freebies in the freebie section-grab those while you can. There are also some new Pre- Designed Templates for Niteflirt.

Check back for more soon 🙂