Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch

Sometimes we need a picture that shows off the beauty even more. If we talk about beauty retouch my idea is not to create a picture that looks so different that it has nothing to do with the  the old photo, but its a work that turns out the beauty and covers something that we maybe not like.

So topics can be:

  • red eye removal
  • lightning optimizing
  • adding make up
  • removing cellulite or
  • stretch marks
  • sizing up body parts 🙂
  • sizing down body parts

ect ect ect……….

Id like to show you some examples what i can do for you.

Example 1

Example 1Please click the picture to enlarge it.

What happened to this picture is a lightning optimizing,i removed some dark spots from the face and removed the socked and cables.


Example 2

example 2

This is an example for a beauty retouching of the face, i added some make up and off course the lightning needed some fixing too.


Example 3


This is an example to show off how the shape can just changed a bit look at the breats and hips and tights.


Example 4

example 4The lightining of this picture was okay i just changed again the background a bit and removed some strech marks.


Special thanks to Melissa for providing me pictures to show off my work!


You like your pictures be done? Contact me

You can order via niteflirt or alternative pay methods (click here)

Please be aware that i cannot work on WebCam pictures. The result is not far as good as a high quality Photography.Picutres work the best 5 megapixel and above.


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