Buttons (still):                        8 Buttons of your choice 3.50$

Buttons (animated):            8 Buttons of your choice 7.00$

Introducing price

Niteflirt template Basic:

  • Header
  • 8 still Buttons (for example: Buy now, blog, website, wish list, videos, pictures, other listings, PPV game..)

Price: 25$

Niteflirt Template Advantaged:

  • Header
  • 8 Buttons (animated)
  • Slide show or still pictures

Price: 35$

Niteflirt Template Extra:

  • Header
  • 8 Buttons (animated or still)
  • Slide show or regular pictures
  • Video or voice embed
  • special layout- background picture design ect

Price: Ask me for a quote – attach your wishes for the  overall look-no idea yet? Look at my designs

How to pay:

You can pay via Credit Card, Niteflirt, Epassporte or Paypal

Please contact me via email or messenger with your choice and idea

Yahoo: NaughtyLullu

Mail:  NaughtyLullu@yahoo.com


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